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Bowling for the first time in years :)

Apr 16. 11 Notes.
If you look carefully you can see my pampers :)

If you look carefully you can see my pampers :)

Apr 16. 59 Notes.

paddedprincess asked: So I was wondering if you had any tips on femininity for a M to F transgendered person. My big sister is teaching me makeup and stuff but I want to really be feminine and cute and I don't really know the best ways to do that because I hid for so long

I think the #1 tip I have for femininity or just transition in general, is when you’re about to perform an action don’t ever think “is this something a girl would do?” or limit yourself in anyway. I’ve always considered it a bit unhealthy to avoid certain sports, video games or movies, events, life paths etc that you desire because you are afraid it would in some way invalidate your femininity.

Just be you, being trans to me isn’t about being a woman or not being a man, it’s about being me. It’s about being comfortable in my body, and to be honest this body isn’t the most graceful one, but that doesn’t make me any less of a girl. If you find that a makeup regimine is a good habit or a way you’re improving yourself, go for it, but just be you :)

Ok, one actual femininity tip. Goto payless and buy a bunch of different colors of flats. Wear them all the time, I love flats ~ Also bangs are amazing. Ask yr local hair place about them :)  Be well, sounds like you have an awesome big sis!


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Soggy night out on the town… in small ATN’s :)

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chaoticrambler asked: Hi! I've been following you forever and i wanna say that you're an inspiration. You're also cool, adorable, sweet and sexy and just plain huggable. :)

awww <3 thanks sweetie :)

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Ferdinand the Bull as read by Riley, a little story, a little girl and a big tough bull :)

Hugs! I read this at CapCon last year, sending happy, happy thoughts to all the crinklers and cuddlers in Chicago right now.

Wish I was there <3 

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Anonymous asked: I tried your website recently and it appears to be gone. What has happened to it?

My original site and my last 8 years of posts can be found at

Apr 07. 2 Notes.

Anonymous asked: Probably a weird question, but were you on either a TLC show or nat geo taboo? If this is creepy im really sorry.

Yep! I was on My Strange Addiction on TLC ~ though I hardly consider being a snuggly little girl an “addiction” :)

Apr 07. 7 Notes.

twistedfrosts asked: That Japanese style diaper cover is awesome! I've been looking for something similar to handle potential leaks, do you have any recommendations?

I believe it was an eBay purchase, this seems to be just about the same product. 


Apr 06. 3 Notes.

My friend let me wear their romper, it’s prettttttttty :) I really like these, I’m a side-sleeper which makes it difficult to find solutions for nighttime accidents. Leaking can be really upsetting, there’s nothing fun about stripping your bed in the middle of the night, alone, and sleeping on the couch for the rest of the night. Even with plastic sheets, you still need to do the the diapergirl walk of shame laundry the next morning. Unfortunately it’s a bit warm to sleep in, it’s much better for playtime or naps. Once the velcro closes across the top you can start to feel really little and secure, sometimes it takes a little extra protection.

The romper is best used for cloth, in the first few pictures I’m wearing a Japanese style diaper cover with two cloth pre-folds as inserts, plenty of comfiness and waddle factor. The combination of a impractically bulky diaper and the very baby-ish romper made me feel very safe and snuzzly, I wasn’t able to do much but cuddle, purr and wet myself.

In the last two diaper pictures i’m wearing a Bambino with ABUniverse cloth-covered plastic pants, I’m not sure if they make them anymore. The last picture is my tiny, tiny bottom in a pair of big girl undies, to simply show how thick my nappies are.<3

Happy Sunday, Big Hugs & Stay Diapered <3

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